ID Global

Our Work

At IDGlobal - the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies at Project at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education - we work to advance knowledge, frameworks, practices and tools to prepare learners to understand our contemporary world and participate in it responsibly. Five key lines of work organize our efforts:

Our studies of global work and education seek to understand and foster the development of global competence among teachers, children, and youth. We advance knowledge and develop frameworks and tools to support quality pedagogies, assessments, professional preparation and institutional cultures that prepare individuals for our global times.

Our work on interdisciplinary work and education examines how diverse disciplinary knowledge forms can be integrated in research and education to address complex contemporary problems. We study quality interdisciplinary research, learning, teaching, assessment and collaborations conducted by experts and youth.

Our explorations of disciplinary work and education seek to revisit the nature of disciplines ranging from biology to history, mathematics, literature and the arts and their role in contemporary education.

The Future of Learning Institute - a signature event which we host at Project Zero every summer - seeks to promote and sustain public deliberation about the changing nature of learning and the purpose of education in the early 21 century. Within the institute, our team examines the future of professional development through practical innovations. 

Finally, through our L@titud network we collaborate with Latin American professionals in education interested in advancing  innovations centered on deep and relevant understanding in the region.

We invite you to explore our various lines of work and to contact us with your comments or questions.