Our Team

Our Collaborators

We are fortunate to work with colleagues and institutions with whom we share a commitment to a quality and contemporary relevant education.  Below is a list of individuals, organizations and institutions with whom we have collaborated in various degrees.

Asia Society 

An educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context. Link

Michele Lamont

A cultural sociologist and the Director Designate of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, a Professor of Sociology and African and African American Studies and the Robert I. Goldman Professor of European Studies at Harvard University. Link

HGSE Programs in Professional Education (PPE)

PPE works closely with Project Zero to design and execute the Future of Learning institute. Link

The International Baccalaureate

A non-profit educational foundation offering four highly respected programmes of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. We have worked with the IB for more than a decade on projects addressing quality disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and global education. Link

L@titud Network

Our collaborators in the L@titud network include a number of proactive educators dedicated to making change in the region. Link

Portland Public Schools

Maine’s largest school district and our partner for the World in Portland Project recently adopted a Comprehensive Plan that aims to develop students' capacity and proclivity for deep engagement, meaningful communication, and innovative problem solving across contexts. Link

Project Zero

Our dynamic and collaborative home institution, an educational research group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education composed of multiple, independently-sponsored research projects. Over the years, within Project Zero we have worked especially closely with several colleagues who you will find on those specific project pages. Link

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The Pulitzer Center promotes in-depth engagement with global affairs through its sponsorship of quality international journalism across all media platforms and an innovative program of outreach and education.  Collaborators: Mark Shulte, Amanda Ottaway and Nathalie Applewhite participate in the Global Lens Project.  Link

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)

SESYNC is dedicated to accelerating scientific discovery at the interface of human and ecological systems. Link

Think Global School (TGS) 

TGS provides a high school experience centered around travel and cultural immersion. Link

Washington International School (WIS)

WIS is a coeducational independent school (private school) offering students a challenging international curriculum and rich language program from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. Link