What we do

At Id Global...

...we advance quality interdisciplinary and global education in multiple ways:


We conduct empirical studies to advance actionable knowledge on quality interdisciplinary and global research and education. Our studies bring together psychology, epistemology, sociology of knowledge, cultural anthropology, pedagogy and media studies. We employ qualitative methods and action research that helps us understand the contexts in which our frameworks will be used. Read more about our various Lines of Work and Projects.


At HGSE,  Veronica leads the Global Lens Seminar. Her course "Interdisciplinary Education: Preparing our youth for our contemporary world"  will be offered in 2016. Our team also teaches regularly at Project Zero Institutes; regional, national and international conferences; and schools. We also teach an online module on Educating for Global competence. If you are interested in our courses, please contact IdGLobal@gse.harvard.edu.

Capacity development:

Our team collaborates long term with practitioners in education to build capacity in schools, districts, and informal learning organization. We typically attach a line of inquiry to this work to help us address questions such as: How do teachers and students change their mind as a result of this multi-year seminar or intervention? What constitute more and less effective interventions?


Our team designs and customizes professional development and program evaluations to support quality interdisciplinary and global education in target institutions. Examples of schools with which we have worked include: Boston Arts Academy, Lawrenceville School, Hutchkiss School, Milton Academy, Princeton School, Newton South High School, the Mandela Internationa School, the Bavarian International School, among others.  

Publications & Resources:

We publish academic papers and develop usable materials such as guides, protocols, curricula, model units, and documentation. To see a complete list of publications click here. More resources will be posted in the coming months!