Who We Are

Who We Are  

From Veronica Boix Mansilla, Principal Investigator


Welcome to IdGlobal!  

In this site you will learn about the work that my group at Project Zero has carried out in the areas of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and global education for over a decade.  

IdGlobal, as we have come to call ourselves, is an ensemble of research projects designed to inform scholars and educators interested in preparing youth to understand pressing global issues of our times through quality disciplinary and interdisciplinary work and to participate in these issues as responsible global citizens.

We study interdisciplinary practices in exemplary institutions to understand key principles of quality research, collaboration, teaching, learning, and assessment.  We also study the development of global competence among teachers and youth in various regions of the world. In each case, we advance basic knowledge and practical tools to support deep learning for the contemporary world. 

We seek to...

  • Understand and foster quality interdisciplinary research and education among scholars, teachers and youth
  • Understand and nurture the development of global competence among leaders, teachers and youth
  • Create fertile environments for civil dialog about the purpose of education in the twenty first century and the responsibilities of professionals in our field

Our drivers...

Broadly speaking, we see the purpose of education as nurturing individual human potential and promoting societal growth and well-being. We are energized by the challenge of contributing to these aims by conducting basic resarch, developing usable frameworks, and creating practical tools that educators can use to inform their work.

We understand that the most pressing issues of our times, from climate change to mass migration, from global health to the digital revolution, cannot be fully addressed through a single disciplinary or cultural perspective. We must bring together insights from the natural and social sciences, the arts, engineering and the humanities to produce explanations, create products, ask new questions, and find solutions to these contemporary issues.

By the same token, understanding our increasingly interdependent world requires a global outlook. It calls upon us to appreciate global dynamics and imbalances, to engage new cultural and geopolitical perspectives, to expand our spheres of responsibility and influence beyond our immediate environments. In a nutshell, understanding and participating responsibly as global citizens in our times requires that we become able to place ourselves in the broader context of this shared chapter of the global human story.

Visit our work on disciplinary, interdisciplinary and global research and education to learn more about how we might prepare learners effectively to understand our contemporary world! Join us at the Future of Learning Institute or the L@titud network to reflect with us about the what, who, how, when and where of learning in our changing times. I hope you enjoy your visit and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.



Veronica Boix Mansilla