Exemplary ID Education in Secondary Schools

Our work on quality interdisciplinary secondary education was three-pronged.  In this foundational study, we examined principles and practices of quality curriculum design, instruction, and assessment in established pre-collegiate programs including the International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge Course, St. Paul School's Humanities program, the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School in Massachusetts, and the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

A combination of semi-structured interviews, classroom observations, and analysis of course designs and student work shed empirical light on issues such as: 1)  Preliminary parameters for a pedagogy for interdisciplinary understanding; 2) Effective strategies that faculty and program architects employ to integrate disciplinary perspectives in the classroom and the curriculum; and 3) Assessment of student interdisciplinary work, its challenges and a proposed framework.

Findings from this study directly informed the establishment of a multi-year action research project dedicated to developing and testing a new pedagogical framework for interdisciplinary instruction.

This multi-year study was generously funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies.