Global Thinking Routines

Nurturing Globally Engaged Youth: A "Global Thinking Routines" Approach was a collaboration between ID/Global at Project Zero and Think Global School (TGS)--an innovative, IB authorized, high school that offers teenagers an immersive, international experience. Throughout their studies, TGS students learn in multicultural groups and live and conduct their studies in 8-10 different countries over the course of their high school experience.

The project was designed to build on Project Zero’s history of developing research-based conceptual frameworks that educators can employ to promote higher order cognition, deeper understanding of complex problems, ethics and effective collaboration. ID/Global researchers designed and TGS teachers tested a preliminary series of “Global Thinking Routines” (GTRs)--adaptable micro-teaching interventions that specifically target thinking processes that foster students’ disposition to think globally and act responsibly in the global sphere. These GTRs continue to be piloted in other sites and will be posted on the site in coming months. So keep checking back!

This project was funded by the Think Global School.