International Minds Portraits

For many decades, definitions and efforts to nurture “International Mindedness” [IM] remained under the radar of general education and relegated to the purview of institutions committed to preparing the young for a wider world.  Times have changed. International mindedness (and associated constructs such as global competence) have entered the national and international education discourse in full force as key aspirations of a quality 21st century education.  Efforts to define, nurture and assess IM abound. As a leader in international education, the International Baccalaureate (IB) has commissioned multiple studies aimed at progressively refining our understanding of this construct and its relation with the IB learner profile.

“Exploring International Mindedness” will build on previous efforts by ID/Global and the International Baccalaureate (IB) to define, nurture and assess International Mindedness (IM) by developing a small collection of student portraits and a process designed to engage educators across regions in a meaningful dialogue about their conceptualizations of IM and the learner profile. Envisioned as a multi-year partnership between the IB and ID/Global, this project will pursue the following goals:

  1. To develop a series of K-12 portraits and an accompanying support guide designed to deepen IB community members’ understanding of international mindedness and the learner profile and strengthen their capacity to deliberate about these.
  2. To understand the role of documentation and a “portraiture approach” in deepening educators’ multi-perspectival conversations about student development, international mindedness and learner profile qualities.
  3. To characterize how different members of the IB community interpret these constructs across schools, regions and cultural orientations and how these interpretations change over time.

This project is funded by the International Baccalaureate.