Signature Pedagogies in Global Education

Despite widespread consensus on the importance of fostering global competence in young people today, as well as abundant recommendations for productive pedagogical directions that support such efforts, little is known about how exactly instruction like cooperative learning, interdisciplinary themes, community-based learning and portfolio assessment, maximize students’ global competence.

In this study, we examine how exemplary teachers design signature learning experiences based on their understanding of (a) the world and why certain topics matter over others; (b) their disciplines and their standards in global terms; (c) the specific learning challenges that students confront when learning about the world; and (d) effective pedagogy. Our team is conceptualizing a signature pedagogies framework for global education that will prepare future teachers to teach about the world.

To date, we have completed our study at the elementary school level, in collaboration with Sara Krakauer, a grade 5-6 teacher at the Innovation Academy Charter School, Tyngsborough, MA, and Kottie Christie-Blick, a Grade 5 teacher at the Cottage Lane Elementary School, Blauvelt, New York. We are now embarking on the next phase with two award-winning middle school teachers.

The Signature Pedagogies study is funded by the Longview Foundation.