Targeted Assessment Project

Building on the Targeted Assessment Model developed in our study of exemplary interdisciplinary collegiate education as well as on our previously developed rubrics for disciplinary understanding, this  study involved the adaptation and construct validity testing of a rubric for interdisciplinary writing.  Working in collaboration with Dr. Carolyn Haynes and Dr. Christopher Wolf  we tested the rubric against a sample of eighty student papers stratified by year (freshmen/sophomore vs. senior) and program (disciplinary vs. interdisciplinary majors) at Miami University in Ohio.  The resulting developmental matrix or rubric outlines four distinct developmental levels for four core criteria in of quality interdisciplinary understanding--i.e. clarity of purpose, disciplinary grounding, leveraging integrations and reflectiveness. The rubric has been applied extensively in graduate and undergraduate education contexts, including, for example, an evaluation of the IGERT program at the National Science Foundation as well as the Social Research Council’s study of interdisciplinary assessment practices in the USA .